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CUIP Group Introduction

Courage International Patent and Trademark Office (CUIP) has 20 years extensive experience in dealing with the prosecution of patent, trademark, and copyright in Taiwan and other country. CUIP keeps close cooperation and relation with Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Science & Technology Law Institute and Digital Service Innovation Institute of Institute for Information Industry, and some colleges and universities in Taiwan. CUIP also has rich experience in patent map, intellectual property valuation, patent and trademark invalidation, and intellectual property litigation.

CUIP service scope includes traditional industry, technology industry, medical industry, and information industry. CUIP technical expertise includes mechanism, electrical engineering, opto-electronics, biotechnology, and semiconductor, and other advanced technology. Furthermore, CUIP provides a surprisingly beneficial price by simplifying the human interaction and generating and maintaining our files electronically. Providing services that meet the needs of our clients at reasonable costs is one of our business principles.

CUIP are continuously devoted to educating and training our professional attorneys and technicians who provide clients with the certain information of the practice to patents, trademarks, copyrights, litigation proceedings, and any related matters in this field so that our clients will understand completely the procedures of filing a patent, trademark, and copyright application under our thorough service.